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My Story


Jessica grew up in a log cabin that her father built in a wilderness area of the Pacific Northwest.  Her family grew most of their own food and her mother cooked the family’s meals from scratch.  Being close to nature has always been an integral part of her life. ​

When Jessica was in high school her family moved to the city where they slowly gravitated away from a whole foods diet.  Jessica graduated from Eastern Washington University with her in Bachelor of Arts in Recreational Therapy.  She married her husband in 2004.  After battling infertility, Jessica and her husband decided to pursue an international adoption.   Three years after signing on with an adoption agency, Jessica and her husband were finally headed overseas to adopt a sibling group of three.  Jessica embraced her new role as a stay-at-home mom.   Going from zero to three kids overnight was a major adjustment.  There were many unexpected joys and trials Jessica and her husband faced. 

As the years passed, Jessica struggled to prioritize self-care in the face of her family's ever-present needs.  Chronic stress was becoming her new normal.  Jessica's body was giving her warning signs that things were out of balance, but it was not until undergoing a root canal which resulted in her first Herpes Simplex outbreak that Jessica began to take a more serious look into holistic health.  The Herpes outbreaks were recurrent, and Jessica was not comfortable being on antiviral medications long term.  Jessica made some major shifts in her diet, and while these changes seemed to resolve her TMJ and years of battling cystic acne, there was still a missing piece to the puzzle. 

Through guidance from her naturopath, Jessica began to realize that her body was stuck in a state of stress.  Up until this point Jessica did not fully understand the integral connection between the mind and body.  By prioritizing self-care practices, the Herpes outbreaks became less frequent and severe.  Jessica now recognizes how the body’s symptoms can be messengers used to get our attention. 

Jessica is passionate about nutrition, healing, and the mind-body connection.  She graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in November of 2021 where she had the privilege of learning about how all the facets of life contribute to our overall wellness.  Jessica is excited about helping others on their journey to wholeness.

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