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I initially signed up to work with Jessica as I was having some difficulties in the first part of adoptive motherhood and wanted some guidance from someone with specific experience with adoption to overcome the anxiety and worries of this new step. 

Because of my work with Jessica, I was able to view my situation from an outside, calm, organized and relevant perspective. I learned a lot of practical tools for organization, but also more spiritual and mindful practices to help me throughout my day - and of course the nutrition angle makes for a holistic process.

The biggest tangible change I have noticed since starting to work with Jessica is a huge increase in confidence of being a capable mother.

I now know that I am not alone, that my feelings are not unusual, and I can learn from someone else's experience. And now I have specific tools, thought processes and methods to overcome any lack of confidence or negative thoughts.

I would definitely recommend Jessica’s program to others! I liked her calm, focused, and organized approach.   She has very relatable experience and wide knowledge from nutrition to mindfulness to organizational tasks.


Jessica was able to help me work towards my goals by patiently asking me about my progress and helping me verbalize tangible action steps and a realistic timeline.  Her approach is always supportive. 

The biggest tangible change I have noticed since beginning the program has been becoming aware during the day of when I'm feeling stress and utilizing breathing to get through it.  I've also found the benefit of journaling for me to daily process what I'm feeling and thinking. 

The most significant overall change I have noticed has been seeing how I've been in denial for a long time about emotional eating. 

I've got a long way to go but I am recognizing that there are habits around my eating that need to change.  I feel more able to face that now.  I have seen the benefit of meeting with a health coach and feel more able to set goals and work toward some more positive changes in my life. 


I have just finished a series of one-on-one coaching sessions with Jessica.  Health and wellness have been on my radar for quite a while, and with some recent health issues, I wanted to implement some positive steps.

  Jessica's encouragement and support, along with her practical, do-able ideas have made a huge difference for me.  My mindset is changing.  I now believe I can draw some lines regarding what and when I choose to eat. 

I'm encouraged by the new framework for a healthy lifestyle which Jessica has helped me develop.  Making these changes no longer seems like an impossible task.  I'm grateful for the wealth of information I've received from Jessica, and highly recommend her as a coach.


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